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Welcome to Fook Island, South Africa’s most popular tourist destination (1979-82)! After two decades of cultural isolation, we Fookians have re-opened our borders and tollgates to visitors of all kinds! Come and visit our famed Hatching Fields, peruse our Mammalian Cultural Heritage Centre, or spend a leisurely afternoon indulging in a deluxe albumen facial! 


This is a 2 person roleplay module set in 1970s South African artist Walter Battiss’s fictional Fook Island. This imagined, absurdist space (on which he collaborated with many of his peers), acted as a form of creative escapism for a group of artists working during Apartheid (most of whom were white liberals).

In this module, these escapist attitudes are called into question, as two characters from the present day are sucked into a world of fantastic creatures and surreal landscapes. Using collaborative storytelling, participants are guided through a series of scenarios where they meet and interact with Fookian citizens, exploring both the glistening façade of the island and its questionable back alleys.

As they travel, they begin to realise that not all is well in Fook, and that the longer they spend there, the more ephemeral they become.

Players must try to find a way to pay the toll or leave the island before they vanish altogether…  

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