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This work consists of the memories and experiences of two people (Constance Neeser and Matthew King), who have, since early 2012, acted as witnesses to all of my process-based art works. Witness is a project that uses perspective and memory to relay the more involved or ephemeral aspects of live, participatory or durational art works, many of which are resistant to conventional modes of documentation.

Connie and Matthew are available to share their particular experiences when called upon to do so. The viewer is free to ask the witnesses any questions they like.


‘If you’re unsure what to ask us, or how to approach these works, think of how you would attempt to interact with a work when all that you have is a friend’s description of it. Can someone’s description of something interest you, repel you, excite you? What would you need to ask to find out how you would have reacted to the work itself?’

[Excerpt from Constance Neeser’s Witness Statement]


‘Don’t rush through the work. Take the time to read the material – there is a lot of it. Feel free to ask either Constance or myself, or the both of us together, any questions about the work that may occur to you. You can also ask us to talk about our experience of the various works, and we will do so. We are as much a documentation of [Felix]’s various projects as any text or photograph.’

[Excerpt from Matthew King’s Witness Statement]

For any experiences, opinions or memories you are interested in, or any other Witness-specific questions you would like to ask, Connie and Matthew can be contacted at:

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