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New Weird Live Action Role Play


(in collaboration with Constance Neeser)

The night is bright, all the astronomical spheres have crested the horizon, bright enough to dim the stars. The air is harsh, acidic — better to stay indoors until it passes. Thankfully, the Pub Between is just here. Its reputation is as good as any place so far from civilised living can be, although you’ve heard that lately the band of mystics known as the Mudtongue Cult have been frequenting the place. But then, isn’t that why you yourself are here?

Three Spheres, Two Cities, One Cranium is a "New Weird" LARP for 13 people, set amongst the remnants of past civilisations. Society has been changing: the School of Mediums has merged with the Church, the Autarch’s barrenness threatens the dissolution of the Royal Line, and powerful corporations seek to shape and modernise the social, sexual, domestic and economic lives of their citizenries.

However, even as Halfaxan life becomes more regulated and rationalised, the Sanatoriums are getting crowded, and the Old Ways — with their fantastical, macabre practices — are creeping up again, igniting superstitions and fears long thought past.

Three Spheres is influenced by the works of Ursula K. Le Guin, China Miéville, Lisa Tuttle, Mervyn Peake, NK Jemisin and Octavia Butler


Image from Three Spheres playtest (above)

World-building Material (below)

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