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After dying in a tragic accident, characters, archetypes, and one-time-acquaintances ‘Mentalist’, ‘Ventriloquist’ and ‘Spiritualist’ find themselves to be stranded on a small island in the middle of a lake made of ectoplasm.

Will they solve the challenges that await, reclaim their corporeal bodies and escape the dark recesses of the underworld? Who can say!


It’s up to three players to take on these characters and attempt to role-play their way through the afterlife.


An extension of the project Cloaks, Journey From the Centre of the Earth is a game of storytelling and translation.

In a hidden room, three players are participating in a story-generating roleplay game. In a separate venue, a performer listens to the players’ story unfold via a set of headphones, and simultaneously relates their journey to a live audience. As the performer attempts to filter participants’ chaotic play into a cohesive narrative thread, a sound designer and video mixer spontaneously respond to the imagery described.

Performed by Matthew King, with video by Francois Knoetze and sound by John Wizards.


This story was generated by three players who wish to remain anonymous.

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