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With Chesney Hawkes’ 1991 hit I am the One and Only blaring in the background, I design a character after my own likeness in the fantasy computer game Dragon Age: Origins. Using this avatar, I must complete the final test required to become a fully fledged Mage: 

The Harrowing.

“Your magic is a gift, but it’s also a curse, for demons of the Fade are drawn to you, and seek to use you, as a gateway to this world. This is why the Harrowing exists. The ritual sends you into the Fade, and there you will face a demon, armed with only your will.”

“If you fail, apprentice,” Greagoir warned, “the demon will turn you into an abomination, and the templars will be forced to slay you.”

(EA Games: Dragon Age: Origins, Mage Origin)

(Teaser video below)

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