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This is a continuation of Portal Chapter One: The Disappearance of Francis Lain; a collaborative project between Marianne Thesen Law (Max) and Felix Kawitzky, which began in 2016 as part of the Open Dialog Box project space series. The first iteration of the project takes the form of a docu-fiction, following a Cape Town-based collective of portal hunting anarchists called the Warp Demons, in the aftermath of their comrade Francis Lain’s mysterious disappearance.

Portal: The Letters is a fragmented extension of this narrative, in which the themes of interdimensional travel, astral projection, digital disappearance and magical mutation are explored further. In the Portal universe, it is one year after Francis Lain was reported missing, and the Warp Demons are no closer to finding them.

In an effort to understand other encounters with the uncanny, this metafictional archive contains drawings, interviews, videos, and soundscapes which document the interdimensional experiences and paranormal curiosities of a series of other contributors, both real and fictional.

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